SERVICES:  Our main purpose is to assist our customers with converting their valuables into cash, through out-right purchase or consignment.


*  Vintage Cameras               * Vintage Signs                               * Microscopes         

* Pocket Watches                  * Vintage Photos                             * Famous Autographs

* Vintage Coins                    * Vintage Currency                         * Vintage Jewelry

* Vintage Postcards             * Vintage Knives                              * Scientific Instruments

* Vintage Advertising          * Vintage Political Items                 * Vintage Dairy 

* Vintage Toys                     * Vintage Wrist Watches                * Vintage Military Items

* Vintage Automotive         * Historical Aircraft Items              * Civil War Items

* Surplus Inventories         * Stamp Collections                         * Rare or Unusual Items

We specialize in selling the above mentioned items and more.  We can help you turn un-wanted items, excess inventory, and valuable possessions into CASH!

How our consignment program works:  We will research current values for items similar to your item.  We will then clean and photograph your item in our studio with professional equipment by a professional photographer.  A written description of your item will be composed and include details of the condition, such as any cracks, chips or other defects. This way the potential buyer has a true understanding about your item.  The item will then be posted for sale on ebay or occasionally another auction site depending on the size/weight of the item.  We use several methods for selling; absolute auction, fixed price sale, or minimum bid auction, and you decide which method will be used.  Once the item has sold and payment has been received, you will be sent a check for your portion of the sale. We deduct a portion of the sale as our commission for selling services that includes photography, item cleaning, value research, description writing, eBay fees, packaging expense and PayPal fees.  The buyer pays all shipping expenses. Our selling commission is on a sliding scale based on the actual sale price.  

Over 40 years of experience selling antiques and collectibles.  Call Today!  517-260-1153

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